Information Technology forms the backbone of most organisations today. We at Solutions Consultant understand this importance and have been providing technology related services from the very beginning.
Technology has always been an inherent part of Solutions Consultant from the start. We grew our internal software development division to the extent that since 2013 our software development wing has now joint ventured with a US based company and is now known as “Exolutus”. Solutions Consultant still provides for the technology services to the related work and is further supplemented by resources available at the Exolutus.
Details of development capability @
We at Solutions consider ourselves to be an end to end technology service provider. All clients we serve are availed a one window solutions provider. May it be building an enterprise level ERP that needs to be hosted at a datacenter with SAS level solution or a cloud published application accessed over the internet throughout the country, we have provided it. We have an array of in-house engineers to provide hardware and/or software services, and an array of partner agencies in Nepal and internationally that we work with for products and services beyond our immediate availability. Partners in both the software consulting arena and hardware vendors worldwide create a large eco-system for an end to end global solution.