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Local Television and Radio – how engaged are we!!Nepal Television news every night, Biswoghatana on Thursdays and a movie watched by the whole family at 2 pm on Saturdays in... Read MoreNepal Urban Television Viewing Trends 2015-16Summary of the overall television trends in Nepal indicates that males are more regular viewers for both Nepali and Foreign... Read MoreRecent AssignmentsSurvey on Women's Political Participation and Leadership (WPPL-Nepal) Year: 2022  Location: Nepal  Client: NORC at the University of Chicago NORC and USAID’s... Read MoreWillingness to Pay (WtP) Survey for Better Quality Electricity ServiceThe study was funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (a US government agency that provides assistance to other countries' development... Read MoreConsulting Support and Partnership in Nepalongoing support and services to develop long term relationship with partners and clients in terms of market research, survey support,... Read MoreStudy on Mental Health of Adolescent ChildrenStudy on Mental Health of Adolescent Children with Low School Attendance Rates in Nepal  Year: 2021-22  Location: Nepal Client: The... Read MoreEvaluation of the Covid-19 Cash Transfer Project in NepalEvaluation of the Covid-19 Cash Transfer Project supported by UNICEF Year: 2022  Location: Nepal Client: Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI)... Read MoreKathmandu Foreign Television PreferencesBased on: SOLCON MEDIA: KATHMANDU Oct-Nov 2018, WAVE II 2018 The presented figures and data are based on a panel... Read MoreMarket Research and Survey Experienceproviding innovative approaches to complex issues based on market research, survey and local understanding of Nepal, translating data into actionable... Read MoreMarket Research and Survey in Nepalwe provide timely solutions for market research, survey and data collection to help our clients understand Nepal and assess key... Read More
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