Market Research services provide answers to your decision problems and cater to your specific
needs in Nepal. We believe, research should not cost you any financial costs. There are some
expenses involved in conducting the research, but you commission research to find ways to
make your company or organization more effective, more profitable, and more efficient.

At Solutions Consultant, we are firmly committed to delivering the most cost effective
and highest quality solutions to meet our clients’ research issues. That means we are
always investing in the latest technologies or developing new ways of doing what
we do best, all in an effort to help you make the most informed business
decisions. We develop or adapt individual, tailored, or customized solutions
to address precisely the questions and issues that are unique to each and
every client.

Providing every important research method, our services cover the full
spectrum, from the most innovative, interactive to the most traditional. We help
you better understand your brand, your markets, relationships and
opportunities, and your customers, audiences and stakeholders.


  • Advertisement Pre‐Testing
  • Concept & Creative Testing
  • Advertisement and Communication Awareness


  • Audience Profiling
  • Radio Listenership & TV Viewership
  • Print Readership


  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Customer/ Client Satisfaction
  • Brand Performance
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Market Profiling and Segmentation
  • New Product Development
  • Product Trials and Acceptance
  • Pricing Evaluation (sensitivity and acceptance test)
  • Retail Study

Check our Development Cooperation Services for additional survey research services.