Recent Assignments

Survey on Women’s Political Participation and Leadership (WPPL-Nepal)

Year: 2022 

Location: Nepal 

Client: NORC at the University of Chicago

NORC and USAID’s Centre of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG) aim to expand the methodological approaches and empirical evidence base around the social and cultural constraints that prevent women’s and girls’ full and meaningful political participation and leadership. This will be done by supporting the development of tools that gather quantitative and qualitative data on their political participation at every level and reveal the public attitudes and behaviors that determine the level and quality of women’s and men’s participation. Data collected using these tools would enable more effective programs aimed at transforming the attitudes, social norms, and behaviors that directly and indirectly limit women’s and girls’ political participation. The study in Nepal carried out by Solutions Consultant involved thorough cognitive testing of the data collection instrument, the implementation of a nationally representative general population survey of 2,500 Nepalese, the implementation of a politician survey of approximately 454 Nepali politicians at the municipal level and 500 Nepali politicians at the ward level, and 8 focus group discussions (FGDs)