Evaluation of the Covid-19 Cash Transfer Project in Nepal

Evaluation of the Covid-19 Cash Transfer Project supported by UNICEF

Year: 2022 

Location: Nepal

Client: Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI)

Scope of the Assignment: Telephone surveys (3,500 households) and in-depth interviews (140) households

UNICEF Nepal has commissioned the Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI) to conduct an Evaluation of the UNICEF supported COVID-19 Cash Transfer in Nepal. The objective of the research is to understand how the UNICEF supported COVID-19 cash transfer was implemented with a focus on understanding the operationalization of digital cash transfers and assess the extent to which it helped children and their families (to the extent possible) get better access to education. The findings are expected to deliver vital lessons that inform the shock-responsiveness of social protection programming going forward. As a part of the evaluations, Solutions Consultant Conducted a total of 3500 telephone interviews and 140 in-depth interviews amongst recipients and non-recipient households across Nepal.