Solutions Consultant (P.) Ltd. is one of the fast growing fact-based consulting firms in Nepal. We have a strong local market understanding and service presence. Our people are committed to assisting you on all survey and market research-related issues, from translating your questions into a high-quality research concept to implementing the research findings. Our unique combination of people from the fields of management, technology and research is focused on a single minded mission to develop long‐term relationship with every client.

imgSolutions Consultant is focused on providing innovative approaches to complex issues faced by managers and entrepreneurs in building effective strategies. Our analysis and consultative advice based on research and local understanding helps you translate data into actionable insights. Solutions Consultant has helped many businesses and organizations with its wide range of services. In addition, our clients leverage synergies and resources across Solutions Consultant, including its four service areas; survey research, management services, technology services and development cooperation services and its associate network, to supplement the latest facts and findings with data.

When working with us, there will be a single point of contact which will manage all of your services requirements. Our services follow logical design and process to help you understand your needs and assess key target audiences. Since its inception in the Year 2000, Solutions Consultant has produced timely and cost‐effective results for clients on hundreds of assignments in a variety of business areas. Our clients include business owners, managers and entrepreneurs, development agencies, manufacturing companies, financial institutions, non‐governmental organizations and public entities.

We have successfully been moving ahead with our mission to deliver valuable and strategic solutions, mission critical applications and provide ongoing support and services to develop long term relationship with partners and clients.