Consulting, Survey Research & IT Services
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Solutions Consultant (P.) Ltd. is one of the fast growing fact-based consulting firms in Nepal. We have a strong local market understanding and service presence. Our people are committed to assisting you on all survey and market research-related issues, from translating your questions into a high-quality research concept to implementing the research findings. Our unique combination of people from the fields of management, technology and research is focused on a single minded mission to develop long‐term relationship with every client.

imgSolutions Consultant is focused on providing innovative approaches to complex issues faced by managers and entrepreneurs in building effective strategies. Our analysis and consultative advice based on research and local understanding helps you translate data into actionable insights. Solutions Consultant has helped many businesses and organizations with its wide range of services. In addition, our clients leverage synergies and resources across Solutions Consultant, including its four service areas; survey research, management services, technology services and development cooperation services and its associate network, to supplement the latest facts and findings with data.

Survey Research

Market Research services provide answers to your decision problems and cater to your specific needs. We believe, research should not cost you any financial costs. There are some expenses involved in conducting the research, but you commission research to find ways to make your company or organization more effective, more profitable, and more efficient.

At Solutions Consultant we are firmly committed to delivering the most cost effective and highest quality solutions to meet our clients' research issues. That means we are always investing in the latest technologies or developing new ways of doing what we do best ‐ all in an effort to help you make the most informed business decisions. We develop or adapt individual, tailored, or customized solutions to address precisely the questions and issues that are unique to each and every client.

Development Co-operation Services
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Solutions Consultant and its associates provide clients with a broad range of research and consultancy services focussed toward supporting development cooperation activities. Our distinctiveness lies in being able to create a track record and an ability to deploy multi-disciplinary skills. We are able to respond to the most challenging development management or sector analysis problems.

Technology Services
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Information Technology is the back bone of most organisations today. We at Solutions regard this highly and have been involved in providing technology related services from the very beginning.

Technology has always been an inherent part of Solutions Consultant from the start, we grew our software development division to the extent that since 2013 our software development wing  is now called "Exolutus". Details can be further found at

Technology related work is still contracted by Solutions and is completed using resources from Exolutus.

Management & Business Services
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Solutions Consultant provides quality business and management services to our clients by addressing their changing needs through long-term partnerships. Our dedicated and experienced team assists in the streamlining of strategies and the achievement of goals. We provide full range of management services as well as selected services to businesses and nonprofit associations.

We not only provide organisations with assistance to implement business strategy; but also to develop teams and individuals to implement strategies and change management. We bring expertise in strategic planning, accounting, marketing and management to help you focus on: growing your organization.

Current and Recent Assignments
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Name: Nepal-National Multi-Tier Framework Energy Access Household Energy Survey

Year: Current-Ongoing Location: Nepal Client: The World Bank

The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) – World Bank, in consultation with multiple development partners has developed the Multi-tier Framework (MTF) for 15 countries including Nepal to monitor and evaluate energy by following a multidimensional approach. As a starting point, ESMAP-World Bank, in collaboration with SE4ALL, will carry out household surveys in these 15 countries to establish each country’s baseline towards measuring progress towards the universal energy access goals. Moreover, the survey in Nepal, will also focus on conducting Enterprise surveys to examine the impact of increased hours of electricity supply and reliability on manufacturing firms in terms of productivity, profitability, and competitiveness on the world market. Further, the final component of the MTF survey would be to conduct an assessment of the current technical, financial, and economical status of mini/micro-grid operation in Nepal. The MTF survey will be spread across around 6,300 households, 800 business establishment and 400-500 mini/micro grid operators across Nepal.

Name: Willingness to Pay (WtP) Survey for Better Quality Electricity Service

Year: Current-Completed Location: Nepal Client: WSP/CPCS Canada

The study is funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (which is a US government agency that provides assistance to other countries' development projects) in partnership with the Government of Nepal (OMCN), and is being carried out by CPCS/WSP, a Canadian company. The main purpose of this survey is to: (1) assess the potential economic benefit of the incremental value of  utilizing additional energy at a lower cost per unit of service in place of alternative energy sources; (2) Assess the willingness of households and businesses to pay more than they are currently paying for a supply of electrical energy with fewer scheduled and unscheduled outages and more stable voltage. The survey is designed in a suitable manner to calculate for each targeted group its WtP for improved quality of power supply with regards to availability; range of fluctuation of quality; predictability of power supply interruption.The survey is spread across 2300 households and 600 businesses across Nepal.

Name of assignment: TA-8173 NEP: Development of Municipal Administration and Revenue Administration System (MARS)

Year: Current-Ongoing Location: Nepal Client: ADB

In association with Compunication Oye, MARS is envisaged to provide access to citizens through its website for information on various services details, making payments and lodging complaints in reference to Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Online Payment gateway will be integrated with the system to enable online payments. A fully integrated MARS will improve municipal decision making processes, provide better level of services to the citizens and enhance transparency, accountability and inclusiveness, through provision of relevant, accurate and up-to-date data and information at all levelsThe system constitutes of nine main components; Financial Management System (FMS), Budgeting Monitoring and Planning System, Revenue Management System (RMS), Citizens Interface System (CIS), Human Resources Management System (HRMS, Office Management System (OMS), Decision Support System (DSS) and MIS Reports.


Contact Info
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3rd Floor, Bhakti Chhen

Uttar Dhoka Sadak, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal

Telephone:+ 977-1-4001095, 4001096

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